Wednesday, July 02, 2008

the language of life

This straw bag by kate spade will brighten any on/off rainy day...


I had a wonderful conversation with this mother & daughter (above) who were in NYC for the Food Show last weekend. I had been eyeing the dress on the right (from jcrew) and liked how she layered it with a tank underneath! Green, one of my favorite colors!

They had been peering into the Jeanine Payer case and the daughter showed off a pair of Jeanine's earrings, given to her by her mother, for graduation.

"we are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams".


For all the marbles we've sold, this is the first time that I had seen a customer divide them by color scheme.

I thought the pattern of his friend's dress with his own bright orange shirt reflected his color choices of the marbles for his mother.


Another one of my customers, who bought the "Taylor" necklace by Jeanine Payer, came in to show me how it looked on a shorter cord and I thought it looked so unique against the texture of her Issey Miyake dress.


A pattern on a dress worn by a young girl caught my eye. It's all about dresses this summer.


textures and patterns - the necklace on the right is designed by an artist in Montana using Japanese paper. I am going to send her this photograph worn by a customer at Cursive.


By day's end, a group of women, dressed in some colorful summer dresses, came in maybe to escape the rain. I noticed that one of them was wearing a veil covered in various objects that had been attached to the veil. The woman is getting married and all of the objects had been made and sent by friends and family. This was to good to pass up.

I had never seen anything like this before and loved the idea! I've been to many a bridal shower and have created a bouquet, to be carried by the bride at her dress rehearsal, using ribbons that had been wrapped around gifts at the bridal shower.

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