Thursday, July 10, 2008

summer outfit: cute blazer over jeans

I've been seeing a cute uniform on women this summer:
fitted summer blazer over jeans with either flats or the birkenstock "Gizeh" which I've been meaning to buy for the past year...

Malikah, an attorney & budding jewelry designer came browsing into Cursive on Wednesday afternoon wearing this exact outfit, however, I did not have my camera with me so here's my image of her:

Theme: summer-y stripes
I first saw her bag and her shoes:
Bag by kate spade - slight trapezoid shape in black with flat wooden handles and cutouts.
There was also a piece of wide striped fabric down the middle on both sides.
Blue jeans with striped seersucker flats, i think, from jcrew
- pink oxford shirt with her own necklace draped over the open neckline
- light blue jacket that was slightly lighter than the pink oxford which punched with color


Anesha said...

Summer is the perfect time for lots of shopping. I always shop at Nordstrom for best quality and genuine price.

kdb said...
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lucinda said...

I agree. I love this summer look.
The Gizeh in silver is currently on my "WishList".
Your blog is wonderful!