Monday, February 02, 2009

Taking photos of shopping bags is a new favorite subject of mine but especially when they belong to stores where I personally know the owner. Tinsel Trading had an outpost in ABC Carpet last year (which has now closed) but they still have their flagship store at 1 West 27th Street (5th/6th Avenues) and Deva Curl is part of the Devachan Salon on Broadway (Prince/Spring Streets) and also on Broome Street.


There's something about how the edge of jeans, draping over a good looking sneaker, that always grabs my attention and I have to take a photo of it.

The carved frog on the top of this cane is from Charleston, SC and belongs to "teacher Jeff" who teaches in a Brooklyn High School. I am still trying to get the hang of my digital camera so I apologize that I didn't get all the details of the carving. It was beautiful in person.


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