Thursday, April 02, 2009

I started a new message bean so that customers would know what the "bean" looked like as it grew out of the mineral earth. For some reason it grows super fast indoors, with no sunlight and barely any water. Go figure...!


A woman was looking at Jeanine Payer jewelry with her daughter and I took a chance and asked if she was Catherine Calvert and she was! I worked at Town & Country magazine for three summers when Catherine was a features editor. It was so much fun to see her after seeing her byline in various magazines. Her daughter was carrying an Orla Kiely's stem pattern bag and wearing a really cute cupcake necklace.


A mother & daughter, whom I met at Cursive, came came in to say hello. Both were wearing fabulous necklaces at approx 20"L with dangling charms. So bold!


Cheery & warm coats are still in our wardrobe these days as we pop back and forth with the cold weather. These good friends modeled their coats for me.


LOVE the graphic image of these boots! Vintage Yves Saint Laurent. The zippers on the top of the boot are for show.


Elyse Allen's (textile designer) entire outfit intrigued me from her fingerless gloves with sparkly beading to her bright yellow green bag and patent leather boots. It took me a few minutes to approach and, ask if I could take a photo, starting with boots by Sigerson Morrison.

I'm sad that my photos turned out blurry and it may be because I was distracted by Elyse telling me about her textile collection. She uses Swarovski crystals to accent fingerless gloves, shawls, hats etc...

Here is a photo of her (on the right) with her friend Johnny wearing one of her hats without the crystals.

Another view of Elyse's fingerless gloves studded with Swarovski crystals.

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