Monday, April 19, 2010

Eavesdropping or commenting...

Eavesdropping on a conversation or making a comment can bring out the most amazing tidbits...

Joe W., interior designer, stopped by Cursive to say hello and during our conversation he asked if I knew anything about Belgium. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this woman listening and then she piped in to say that her mother is Belgian and she lived there as a young child. This turned into a lively 20 minute conversation where there seem to be so much information that I gave Joe a pen and a piece of paper to record all these delicious tidbits. Her name is Ru and watching her explain and gesture with such enthusiasm was the highlight of the day.


I made a comment on the lavender wrapped in coral/pink tissue which led me to ask if I could photograph the lavender which led to the customer telling me she is a food stylist/photographer and showing me how how her piece of Pecorino cheese had been wrapped with a piece of wool made from the sheeps on the farm, dancing ewe, and that I should definitely visit their booth at the market. Wow, that was a mouthful...!


How cute are these earrings? Immediately spotted these cute earrings designed by a local designer that Mary, who works at fishs eddy, was wearing. Unfortunately, they don't come in separates as shown above but in matching styles. Mary, was wearing some samples when I photographed them. I went to check out the other styles and found a pair of cleavers, potato masher, egg beater and spatula etc... They would make great gifts for mother's day!


J.S. was trying on some Gabriella Sanchez earrings and I could see her reflection in the long mirror in front of Cursive. As she was debating, I commented on which color and style I thought looked good on her. When she turned around I noticed all the Temple St. Clair jewelry she was wearing and I just happened to be wearing my small 22K leaf earrings. We exchanged contact info as she wanted to know where she could purchase the leaf earrings. She was also carrying an Orla Kiely bag which was in a beautiful rich red color! Yum!


Zoe and Alice (a lifestyle & weddings photographer) from South Australia were so much fun to talk to especially as they both work in a shop called little bird and they could relate to the same sensibility that Cursive had.

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