Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I need your help......

We are going to be putting much more energy into our blog and other social media and I need your help!
What do you like about what we post now? what would you like to see more of? do you want to see more pics? more business stuff? advice for me? any information would be greatly appreciated!
BTW the pic above is from Cafe Moutard on 5th street in Brooklyn, wonderful food and great atmosphere.


cheap engagement rings for women said...

Hi..I'm from 5th avenue...I like everything stuffs here on your blog...but if you ask me on what I like..., can you provide fashion topics?

diamond district new york said...

Wow, this is the best site I’ve ever read. Thank you for sharing this.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Hi there,
I love hearing about what is going on with Cursive...wondering if MK Wong is still the buyer there? Thanks!

cursive new york said...


MK has moved on to the Gardner Museum in Boston.